Event Description – January 15 (697)


January 15


GT Arts’ Campaign to Connect: An Unplugged Thought Walk with GEMS

10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Scheller Entrance on West Peachtree Street

This challenge may seem simple, but not everything is as easy as it seems.  Join students from Scheller’s GEMS program in partnership with GT Arts as they lead a silent walking campus tour.  Participants will be asked to take a two-hour walk without any digital devices.  Feel free to sit and stop along the way.  What happens when you’re encouraged to be alone, truly alone, with your own body and brain?  How has technology changed how we connect to ourselves, and others, and how we approach our daily lives?  What sacrifices have we made for the sake of data collection? 

Participants will be asked to jot down 20 things that they observed during their walk, which Gabriel Kahane will use as source material for an original song to be performed during his concert at the Ferst Center on Saturday, February 5.  

Interested in joining the walking tour?  Email: Skye (smauldin7@gatech.edu) to sign up. Interested in hosting an unplugged walking tour of your own? Email: Kara (kara.wade@arts.gatech.edu) for more information


MOVEments Live: Hosting Conversations that Matter

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Ferst Center for the Arts

Join us as the MOVEments podcast team hosts four live podcast interviews focused on commitment to community, leadership lessons, and our MLK Jr. holiday theme of “It Starts with Me”. Conversations will feature leaders from the Atlanta and Georgia Tech community who have made considerable impact at local, state, and global levels, and will be interviewed by current Georgia Tech students. MOVEments Live will be offered in a hybrid format with in-person participants and synchronous live-streaming from the Ferst Center for the Arts. More info: studentengagement.gatech.edu/content/engage-symposium. Sponsored by Civic Engagement and MOVE.


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